91-Year-Old Woman Breaks Marathon Record

i i hide captionHarriette Thompson meets the press at the finish line of the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon on Sunday Jerod Harris/Getty Images Harriette Thompson meets the press at the finish line of the Suja Rock ‘n’ ...

Bing Ads "Top Movers" Report Gives the "Why" Behind Campaign Changes

Bing Ads has expanded its reporting features for added visibility into an account’s performance. In an announcement, Bing Ads says its “top movers” report would give a snapshot of significant changes to advertisers’ accounts a...

The End of Google Authorship?

After a 3 year experiment, Google has ended Google Authorship—the program where writers could embed tags into their Google Plus profile to match their content (blog articles) and establish a credible reputation. Although Authorship has come to end, Author Rank continues to offer benefits to those who have established who they are—the reputable auth...

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